Check it out! This is is the new music video for our brand new single ‘I’ll Give You Hell’.

Shot by our good friend Kevin Hargrave at KJH Photography and edited by the amazing Beka Pritchards at Crowconut. Song recorded at RYP Recordings in London with Peter Dowsett and Lorence George Charter – killer job guys. Mixed by Peter Dowsett. Mastered by Ade Emsley.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Duck patrol man – Aaron Parry
Ducks – Beka Pritchards, Jamie Oliver, Lenny Verralis
Paper girl – Bobbie-Leigh Dewis
Band – Dead Idle
Wig man – Andrew “Geordie” Simpson
Balloon boy – Oliver Lee
Swing boy – Joseph Lee
Scowling mother woman – Hannah Lee
Old codger man – Michael Mulligan
Baldy punchy man – Richard Burlingham
Doormen – The Crew Bar Doorstaff (Steve Hardman, Tank, Liam)

Special thanks go out to The Crew Bar – one of the best bars in the world, let alone Nuneaton – and owner Rich Burlingham and the rest of the staff for being there over the years. Also to Daz Pemberton for lending us his van. To Tom and Harvey James from the band Just For Now for coming down and just generally being a couple of little legends! To Lance Glover and Leon James Jakeman for letting Jamie push you out of the way repeatedly. And to Beka Pritchards for all her hard work and unshakable support. We cannot thank you all enough. Cheers!

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