Last night we had ourselves some fun and held an awards ceremony called the Quacky Awards. It’s totally ridiculous but we wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped us out and we wanted to premiere our brand new music video in a way that was completely different. Here’s some pictures from the night. Photos by Kevin Hargrave.

It was a whacky affair – some might say a Quacky affair – and awards went out for Best Actor, Best Actress, Brutal Bruiser, Best Costume Design, Best Crime Detective, Best Gang Fight Scene, Best Bullying Scene, Best Cinematography, Lifetime Achievement and Best Director, as well as some honourable mentions to our friends and family. About 40 or so in the audience so just about perfect for a relaxed yet fun time.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone involved for helping us out and really pulling together to help us put together our new music video. We couldn’t have done it without you. Video dropping this evening!

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